Award Winning 9three Brewing Beer Packaging

Felipe Saraiva Reveals The 9three Brewing Beer Packaging

Felipe Saraiva, the maker of the displayed project 9three Brewing by Felipe Saraiva spells out, For this design the golden ratio and the unique proprieties of the recipes and beer styles produced by 9three, inspired the product naming, colors used fo <Cropped>

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Diamond Ring:reflection by Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi Illustrates The Reflection Diamond Ring

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi, the project leader of the award winning project Award Winning Reflection Diamond Ring illustrates, This is a double finger diamond ring which the top of the ring stands between 2 fingers and make it looks more different from <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Biyopsi Biopsy Device

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Biyopsi Biopsy Device

The author of the highlighted work Biopsy Device:Biyopsi by Acclaimed Designer explains, Designed to take samples from soft tissue, biopsy instrument stands out among present devices with its distinctive features. Mechanism is being run in a cartridg <Cropped>

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Bear Hug by Clive Bullivant

Clive Bullivant Spotlights The Bear Hug Bottle Chiller/Ice Bucket

Clive Bullivant, the author of the highlighted design Clive Bullivant's Bear Hug Bottle chiller/Ice bucket explains, This design brings amusement and practicality to an otherwise purely functional product. It is part of a range of domestic culin <Cropped>

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Multypurpose Sports Hall by Hani Hassan

Hani Hassan Presents The Sports Hall Multypurpose Sports Hall

Hani Hassan, the maker of the awarded project Sports Hall by Hani Hassan explains, this breathtaking sports hall design has raised the standard of excellence for sports activity buildings in Palestine, the new $12 million project features portal fram <Cropped>

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Extreme Habitat Challenge 2019-Sahara

Vision: Extreme Habitat Challenge Pushes to Explore Habitat Concepts That Are Responsible, Yet Brave to Grow Human Civilization in Synchronous With Nature + Technology + Planet. Design a Concept Habitat of 1, 000 People Within Area of 0.5mi X 0.5mi

Vision: extreme habitat challenge pushes to explore habitat concepts that are responsible, yet brave to grow human civilization in synchronous with nature + technology + planet. design a concept habitat of 1,000 people within area of 0.5mi x <Cropped>

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Exhibition Booth by Patrick Buchecker

Patrick Buchecker Discloses The Mystic Black Cube Exhibition Booth

Patrick Buchecker, the author of the award winning project exhibition booth by Patrick Buchecker explains, This exhibition stand was created for Argolite AG, a manufacturer of high pressure laminates. This mystic black cube covered a space of 220m2. <Cropped>

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Beijing Cangsu Company Headquarters-Club by Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang

Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang Demonstrates The Beijing Cangsu Company Headquarters Club

Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang, the thinktank behind the awarded project Beijing Cangsu Company Headquarters by Yi Chen and Muchen Zhang explains, Time passes in calmness. People are content with the easy, warm and real life. Designer intends to replicate <Cropped>

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Public Design by Shosha Kamal

Shosha Kamal Shares The The Greek Campus Public Design

Shosha Kamal, the architect of the awarded project Public Design by Shosha Kamal says, An abandoned campus that originally belonged to the American University in Cairo Egypt, was taken by an ambitious entrepreneur to later turn it into a startup hub <Cropped>

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Xj Bank-Logo and Vi by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Xj Bank Logo and Vi

The project leader of the highlighted project XJ Bank by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Headquartered in Urumchi, Bank of Xinjiang is a new-type regional bank established in minority location. As a municipal commercial bank, it and other existing ban <Cropped>

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